What is Bid Locker?

Bid Locker is a secure online bid submission platform for government buyers.

If your agency has a website where you list your bid and proposal solicitations, but you don’t have a way to accept responses online, Bid Locker is a simple e-procurement tool to give you that capability.

Bid Locker can help your purchasing office move to online bid and RFP response submission, without a high price tag and without a complicated software setup.

Bid Locker hits the sweet spot between a simple website where you may post your bid opportunities and a complete e-procurement platform. It works by giving you a virtual bid window that’s easy to use, for you and for your vendors.


A quick guided tour of Bid Locker

This is a quick guided tour of Bid Locker. If you have any questions, or would like to see a live demo, please let us know. Demos typically take around 15-30 minutes.


“Bid Locker from Equity Hub came at just the right time to help us through the initial COVID-19 crisis. We updated our processes and were accepting solicitation responses within a week!”

Karen Thomson
Director, Contracting and Procurement Services, Portland State University

“This is a great system! Works great and very intuitive.”

Carleton Hart Architecture, LLC

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Start accepting bids online now.

COVID-19 has placed our country in an unprecedented crisis, for an unknown period of time. Workplaces are moving online, as people avoid public spaces.

States all across the country are recommending stay-at-home measures, and work-from-home has become the norm.

Being able to accept bids electronically and run virtual bid openings, with bid safety guaranteed, can protect you and your office.

We can help, and your office can be ready to accept bid and proposal submissions online in under a day, at no cost to you or your suppliers.

Two quick looks at Bid Locker

If you’d like to download our flyer (PDF), you can do so with the following download link:

Cloud Procurement Secure Bid Locker Preview
This is the Bid Locker promotional flyer, describing its features and benefits, and detailing the no-cost service during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To see how easy it is to get started, you can also download our agency quick start guide: 

Bid Locker Agency Quick Start Preview
The Bid Locker Agency Quick Start Guide shows you step-by-step instructions to begin accepting bid submissions online today.

Bid Locker, Step by Step

A seamless transition to electronic bid submission.

You don’t have to migrate your office to a new platform to accept bids electronically. Bid Locker is simple to use and fits easily into your workflow.

It's also quick to learn — you'll be able to list your first solicitation in under 30 minutes.

Vendors register via our secure portal.

Signing up is easy through our self-registration portal. It will take your bidders about 10 minutes to register, and it's free for vendors, too.

Submitting bids is even quicker, and every bid is stored in our encrypted bid locker until the bid-open date.

Only you can access submitted bids.

When the bid-open date has passed, the virtual bid window is closed, and no further bids are accepted.

You and your staff can easily review the bids once the bid window is closed, while vendors can always access their uploaded bids.

Enjoy secure bid submission at no cost.

We’re making Bid Locker available to public agencies, education organizations, and non-profits at no cost for the remainder of 2020.

Your agency can make full use of Bid Locker, with no cost and no obligation, through December, 2020. Our goal is to help our friends and colleagues in public procurement to maintain social distancing and stay safe.

There is also no cost to vendors, now or ever.

After December 31st, 2020, your cost for continued use of Bid Locker is calculated by the number of active staff accounts you need:

$ 0
per active staffer per month

You’ll also have a one-month grace period to evaluate your continued use of Bid Locker starting January 1st, 2021.

Important Questions

Do you have any support or assistance for vendors or for our staffers?

Yes, we have a training library and user guide for both vendors and agency staffers. We also have a support line, which you and your vendors can use to ask questions via email or telephone.

How do you ensure our data security?

We take the security of your bid data very seriously. Our workstation encrypts every document submitted to Bid Locker. Additionally, our database uses encryption-at-rest technology to further protect your bid information. Only you and the vendor who submitted it can access it.

Can we export our data on an as-needed basis?

Yes. At any time, you can download an archive of your submitted bid documents and data. You can also download your registered vendor information at any time.

If we migrate to another platform, how long will you store our data?

We will store all of your bid data for as long as you are actively using Bid Locker. If you decide to migrate to another platform, we will continue storing it for two years after your last day of use.

Do you have any upgrade options?

We do. If your needs ever exceed online bid submission, we’d be happy to discuss our platform, Bid Locker Plus, a full-featured e-procurement platform built and fine-tuned to the operation of the modern procurement office.

We support an easy transition for your buyers and vendors.

Our platform is so simple to use, it may be the easiest technology solution you’ve ever implemented.

Vendors can self-register in about 5 minutes. Uploading their bid documents takes just a few clicks. They can review, revise, and withdraw their bids as much as they need before the bid window closes.

Your agency dashboard is just as easy to navigate. The intuitive interface lets you access bids as needed, once the bid window has closed.


Customize your Bid Locker profile with your
agency's logo, branding, and informational text.

Your Bid Locker landing page lets your vendors know they're in the right place to submit their bids. It also lists your active solicitations, so that vendors can find the right place to upload their documents quickly.

You can even upload bid documents for your solicitations, to ensure your vendors have all the information they need right away.

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Meet Our Team

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A brief look at our complete cloud procurement workstation

We’ve built the world’s simplest, most flexible, and most secure cloud procurement workstation, with modules including:

  • Solicitation management,
  • Vendor management,
  • Reporting and compliance,
  • Complete task automation,
  • And more.

But you don’t need to change your procurement processes to use our secure online bid submission.

Our vision is helping  smaller agencies transition to electronic bidding with minimal disruption to office processes, so we’ve made Bid Locker available to you with only the modules you need.

Questions? Need more information?

If you have questions, would like to see a demo, or would like to start using Bid Locker, please reach out to us: